Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Pistols in stock!

Are you looking for a new handgun that’s not bulky and heavy without sacrificing capacity? Come check out the Smith & Wesson Shield! Available in both 9mm and 40 S&W, the Shield features a partially staggered magazine that gives a capacity of 8+1 (7+1 in 40 S&W) without being too thick or too thin! We have a vast selection of compact carry pistols and revolvers!

S&W M&P Shield

12 Survivor Rollup Kits in stock!

Survival kits in stock! The 12 Survivors roll up kit is available in a First Aid Kit and a Knife kit. First aid kit includes:

• 1 Emergency blanket
• 1 Poncho
• 8 PBT elastic bandages
• 4 Sterile non woven gauze pads
• 2 Wet cleaning wipes
• 4 BZK antiseptic swabs
• 4 Alcohol prep pads
• 1 Pair of PVC gloves
• 10 Adhesive band aids
• 1 Breath mask for mouth to mouth
• 1 Pair of tweezers
• 1 Zinc oxide adhesive plaster (tape)
• 2 Pairs of scissors
• 1 Tourniquet band
• 1 Emergency dressing

knife kit includes:

• 1 Hand Axe
• 1 Fixed Blade Knife
• 1 Folding Blade Knife
• 1 Multi-Tool

Both kits are housed in water resistant nylon pouches, wrapped for optimal space saving.

9G Products Imprint Safes

We carry the Imprint Safe line!  This is a quick way to access your firearm while still keeping it inaccessible to children or visitors in the home.



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